Texan Marriages 1837 - 1977

Texas--mapThe big ‘Lone Star’ state of Texas has had many people come through, visit and live over the decades … perhaps even some of your relatives. If they lived in any of the bordering states / territories such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Arkansas or New Mexico, they may have gone to Texas to be married.

Available on FamilySearch.org is a free database with a listing of marriages in Texas between 1837 and 1977 — 140 years worth. Not every county is covered, some present-day counties didn’t exist in the mid-1800s. There are 183 counties out of 254 counties in the state in the database.  Texas cert.

Place a surname in the search box. It can be the groom’s name or the bride’s maiden name. Then a date range for the wedding such as 1890 to 1900. Information provided will include groom and bridge full names, date of wedding, the county it occurred in, plus some have a digital image of the certificate. Surname variations in spelling will also be listed, so review those also.

Texas, coupleIt is easy to use on FamilySearch.org and can be quite helpful in locating information on ancestors who married in Texas.

Photos: Texas Map/flag; Marriage Certificate in 1931 and Texas couple in 1890s Alex Rossy & bride–photo by A. C. Paris, the proprietor of the City Gallery of San Antonio, Texas.

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