Thanksgiving Meals---Vintage

To get an idea of what your ancestors might have had for their Thanksgiving meal go to the local newspapers. Using Chronicling America (free), and NewspaperArchives (both with a free trial and fee based) and plugging in a specific year or range of years and locations can producing some interesting information.

Use some key words such as: Thanksgiving, recipes for turkey, Thanksgiving menu, turkey recipe, ham recipe, pig dinner, cranberry sauce or recipes for Thanksgiving.

The examples sighted here include:

Raub’s Restaurant menu in New York in 1910


Our Restaurant menu in New York in 1910


Suggested family meal for Thanksgiving in Kansas in 1912


Special treats for Thanksgiving in New York in 1920  thanks-menu-1920-treat

If you find some really interesting menus or suggestions for meals or even recipes, make copies and share those at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. See if any of the food items appeal to your guests. It will make for great conversations and maybe get some individuals to contribute to your research.

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