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Generally every family history researcher has at least “one” very special photograph of a specific ancestor. It could be a great uncle, a second cousin, or your youngest brother. It is a photo by itself that speaks volumes about the person’s life and character to anyone who sees it. It can make a person say ‘Wow!

What a super gift, if you selected that one or maybe even two or three such awesome photos and had them duplicated. Send a copy in this year’s Christmas cards or placed in a frame, wrapped as a gift to other relatives.

If you have a family web site or Facebook page, make sure to post that image. Include a little information about the person and state how they are related to you.

Even people generally not interested in genealogy will appreciate such an amazing photo.

Below are a few examples. Post your own here to share.



awesome-Ad,Argus ---- (1945)

Awesome-primo Carnera-boxer-harry July-'45

Photos: Dr. David Everhart (painless dentist) 1911; Amelia Earhart (aviation pioneer) with Capt. Richard Walters at Chicago World’s Fair 1933 – he showed her how to fly in a hot air balloon; Lucky Luckhardt (selected to pose for magazine) 1945; and US Army Air Corps Capt. Harry Kershaw arranged for boxing champ, Primo Carnera to be in Italy to entertain the troops in 1945.

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