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Compared to years ago, there are many online databases and resources you can start or continue your family genealogical research. Never leave out getting copies of documents from city/county/state archives and courthouses and documents from the federal level.

One very good source that has put many of the online resources at your fingertips is ‘The Family History Guide‘. They have organized and developed on their site many different categories and then links to sources.

One section that most people would be interested in is records of all types related to the United States and especially certain states or regions. Such as vital records (B-M-D), cemetery, census, immigration, military, churches, property, court, archives/libraries and newspapers.

In the section for the United States, the opening page provides an outline of the records available. It explains in written form what the various records are, so you better know what to look for. Many of the explanations include a brief video where someone talks you through the research. Yet, there is also the same for nations outside the USA; England, British Isles, France, Italy, Germany, Scandinavian countries, etc.

At the top above Part A, you see a list of states and territories. Click on any you are interested in, and an explanation for that states’ is provided of its research and records. For example, if you were interested in researching the Pennsylvania German ancestors, there is a section and guide to click on. If just general research in Pennsylvania there is one titled ‘Databases and Resources of Pennsylvania online’. Clicking on it takes you directly to a database source. Even looking for the more difficult ‘Pennsylvania Africa-American Records’ that is provided also. For each state, there is even a brief overview of its history, a nice touch and resource.

At the top of the Pennsylvania section, you see listed Archives – Libraries, Census records, Church-Cemetery records, immigration, military, probate, land, maps, newspapers, and websites. All at your fingertips and easy to locate rather than trying to locate many different databases and sites, they are all laid out for you. They use FamilySearch, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FindMyPast, just to name a few. Once you start you can easily catch on to the search. Do make sure to save the information you find. It will still be there later, but it is best to make digital copies or write notes.

The Family History Guide has now made research easier for everyone. Here is their contact address / page, so any questions they are super fast in replying and fixing if any problems arise. If you find a link that is not working as it should, just let them know, they are on it immediately.

Even for veteran researchers, you will find this easy to use and loaded with resources.

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