The Family Search Website Has Been Improved LogoThere have been some new changes to the website. FamilySearch, as you may know is the genealogy search website run by the LDS Church. These changes were done both as an effort to keep up with new technology, as well as to add new functionality to the website. Right now, they are doing a “soft launch”, to get things started, and to work out all the bugs. After that, the website will be promoted more broadly.

What does this mean for uses of the FamilySearch website? You will have access to more indexes, records and documents than you did before. They plan to publish new information more frequently then they have in the past. They have improved the search engine, so that it scans more content and provides you with more accurate results. They are building a genealogical community that you can be a part of, learn from, and give help and ideas to. The hardware and the software, behind the scenes of the website, is more responsive, reliable, and scalable than ever before, (which will allow future improvements to the website to be quicker and smoother). Current users will notice that they now only need one username and one password to access all of the FamilySearch products and services. In short, these changes are going to make the website more productive, and more convenient, for the genealogists who use it as a source for their research.

There are quite a few new changes that you can access. The microfilm catalog is now clearer, and more intuitive to search through. It is now easier to find local family history centers. There is a new and different look to them which allows you find a particular location on a map. For more information, check the website, and read their detailed guides about the changes.

I’ve noticed that there are many comments that users have left on that website, in regard to these new changes. It seems as though for every positive comment, there are two negative ones. It is not unusual for people to dislike it when something they have gotten accustomed to doing in a certain way changes to something different, that they must relearn. If you find that you are not happy with the new, updated, FamilySearch website, don’t worry. Users can still access the old version of the website, and use that instead.

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Thanks for your inquiry. We do not provide DNA analysis at our site.
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