The Forgotten Veterans of the War of 1812 – Part 2

The War of 1812You may well have ancestors who participated in America’s War of 1812, especially those who lived in the mid-western states. The war covered from 1812 to 1815. The following are a few states with online databases about their veterans.

Indiana the territory

Those with ancestors from the Indiana region will check the Indiana territory roster of veterans from the War of 1812. This online collection has the muster, pay and receipt rolls of Indiana territory volunteers or militia men. Using the surname Jones, it produced 17 individual names for Indiana and for the Wilson surname there were 18 names. There are not just veterans in these listings, but also justices of the peace, attorneys and clerks of the court system included.


This web site has the veterans from Missouri covering from the War of 1812 to World War I, some twelve wars and conflicts. A few conflicts some people are not even aware of like ‘The Morman War’, ‘The Seminole War’ and ‘The Osage War’. With those individuals located from the easy search engine, the full names are given, their rank or position, along with the unit name and where the original records are housed.


The Ohio database of veterans for the War of 1812 produces the full companies that a soldier belonged to. The names and ranks of those in that company and where they originated from in Ohio is specified. It also gives the dates the company served. Generally, there were about 60 names in a company, from captain to private. There are some 1,759 Ohio officers and 24,521 enlisted men on the database.


On the Virginia database of soldiers for the War of 1812 there are over 40,000 names. The index is from the Muster Rolls of the Virginia Militia and from the Pay Rolls of Virginia Militia Entitled to Land Bounty for serving. With so many names, it is worth reviewing, whether an ancestor was from Virginia or a neighboring state.

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