The Irish Jewish Family History Database

irish-jewish-museum-logoYou might have Irish ancestors. You might have Jewish ancestors. But, does your family include Jewish ancestors who lived in Ireland? If so, then there is a unique resource that could help you to find out more about your ancestors.

The Irish Jewish Family History Database has been compiled by Stuart Rosenblatt P.C. FGSI. The Database contains information on over 56,000 individuals who lived in Ireland between 1700 and present day (as of December 2011). Those who want to use this unique resource must register. Your first visit is free.

Individual entries in the Irish Jewish Family History Database cover 70 fields of information ranging from date and place of birth, school, marriage, and occupation details (where available). It links parents, children, and siblings. The Irish Jewish Family History Database also lists Hebrew names and dates. For those who died in Ireland, Belfast, Limerick and Cork, the burial plot is listed. This makes for easier access when visiting the grounds.

One of the most important discoveries in the Irish Jewish Family History Database is the Alien registration records of 1914-1922. During those years, non-national (non-British) subjects had to register with the police.

Stuart Rosenblatt is the head of the Irish Jewish Genealogical Society at Dublin’s Irish Jewish Museum. The museum is located in a former synagogue in Portabello, Dublin. The museum highlights the place of Jewish influence in Ireland’s cultural and historic heritage.

The Irish Jewish Museum houses a collection that includes photographs, paintings, certificates, books and artifacts covering all aspects of Jewish life. There is also a general display covering the last 150 years of professional, commercial, artistic, and social activity of the Jewish community.

The original kitchen of the synagogue is still functional. It recreates a typical Sabbath meal setting of the early 1900’s. The Irish Jewish Museum regularly hosts events and talks. You can find out “What’s On” by visiting their website. The events are located at different places around the country.

In addition, it is also possible to take a guided tour through the museum. They recommend you call ahead and plan one with them instead of simply dropping by. Doing so enables them to make sure they have enough staff to accommodate a tour group.

The Irish Jewish Museum has some family and genealogical records that are available for public consultation. It is recommend that genealogists who are interested in viewing them contact the museum by email. The museum is also able to accept deposits of family histories into their archives.

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