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Is your state under a “stay at home” order due to COVID-19? The National Archives offers ways for genealogists to connect with the Archive’s holdings, and to make a contribution from home. Archivist of the United States, David S. Ferraro, explains:

“The National Archives and Records Administration is doing what it can to prevent spread of COVID-19 and keeping our staff safe during the global pandemic. As a result, our museums and facilities are closed to the public, and we are able to perform only essential emergency services, on a limited basis.

Fortunately, we are able to offer a multitude of ways for people at home to enrich their understanding of our nation’s history through records and even to make their own contributions to our mission.

This is an unprecedented and very difficult time for everyone. We hope that our offerings can provide a way for Americans to grow in their understanding of the historical record, and even give something back to the nation, as we do what we need to do to stay safe and get through this crisis together.”

Citizen Archivist Missions

The National Archives are looking to transcribe some of the biggest files in their online Catalog. Transcription is needed on the following files:

Disapproved Pension application file for Hannah J. Fulkerson

Alaska Road Commission policies and procedures

Master Speech Files of Franklin D. Roosevelt

TVA Family Removal and Population Readjustment Case Files, 1937 – 1948

Recommendations for Employment, 1861 – 1867

Award Cards, 1942 – 1963

The History Hub will remain open and available for remote research inquires and requests during the current public health situation. Use it to ask (or answer) questions, read useful blog posts, and connect with a community.

Some communities include: Military Records, Genealogy, African American Records, American Indian Records, Women’s Rights and Suffrage Records, and more.

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