The NSU Genealogy Room

The NSU Genealogy Room Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comNortheastern State University has a resource for genealogists. It is the NSU Genealogy Room. This resource can be accessed by students as well as anyone else who wishes to explore this vault of information.

There appear to be a bunch of hidden, small, genealogy rooms and libraries out there, quietly waiting for genealogists to discover them. Many are not advertised on a regular basis. Some might be featured in a news article if they are about to have an event or offer a genealogy course. It is very easy to miss a news article in a paper (or on the paper’s website) for a town that you don’t live in.

The Genealogy Room is a hidden gem on Northeastern State University’s Tahlequah campus. The Genealogy Room is also called Ballenger Room 153. It is located inside the John Vaughn Library. Society Volunteer Cindy Hanrahan opens the room when Northeastern State University’s regular classes are in session.

Keep in mind that the room is not open every day. The Genealogy Room is open on Mondays from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. It is closed during interims, spring, fall, and Christmas break. This schedule is subject to change, so it would be advisable to contact the Genealogy Room before you travel out to it.

The Indian Territory Genealogical and Historical Society maintains the Genealogy Room. There is some information about the Society on a RootsWeb page. It appears that the group has shifted over to a Facebook page and it has become the go-to source for information about the Society.

Some of the resources the Genealogy Room has include written and recorded information, microfilms, CDs of 35 states, federal census, military, migration, Quakers, Burke’s Peerage, and a large selection of Native American resources for both Cherokee and other tribes. There are also system of the holdings, periodicals, microfilms/CDs, family genealogical reports, maps, and other information.

There is no cost associated with personal research of material within the Genealogy Room. Copies made cost 15 cents a sheet. People who would like a volunteer to do research for them can have that happen. It costs $5 per name you want the volunteer to research.

One of the great things about this library is that the Society that volunteers in it has access to the Dawes Roll cards. The Dawes Census card was a one-page summary for each family in the household.

The Society holds microfilm of the one-page census cars for all six Cherokee sections of the Dawes roll. The fee for having a Society member search the six sections of the Dawes Roll is $4.00 per first/last name searched. That fee includes a copying fee/postage if a census card is located for the name.

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