The 'Other' Search Engines

SE-searchengine-tileIn any type of research and especially when working on your family history, you are very dependent on the use of search engines on the Internet to attempt to locate a document, database, photos, a record, a journal, letters, or book that could provide that little key bit of information missing about your ancestors.

Google is always number one when researching, as well as Yahoo, ASK, etc. However, with so many websites to search, a small gem of information might be overlooked. The skill of knowing how to search for is vital for getting promptly to the results that matter.

Here are a few:

SE-wolframalpha-logoWOLFRAM ALPHA is considered an ‘Answer Search Engine’. You pose a question, don’t may too lengthy and it seeks the answer. In the question do place the keywords to narrow down the answer. For example, you would put in your question a specific family surname and the name of a hometown — forming it into a question.

SE-BaseBASE is a ‘Deep Search’ type. It is especially good finding bibliographic data. It will have more sources to search than even many of the other search engines.

CORE has some 10 million articles to search. A great item with CORE, is if you find an article you like, CORE will find similar ones by analyzing the text of that article, producing even more results.

SE-europeanaEUROPEANA is great for research relating to countries, towns, events and cultures in Europe. There are books and manuscripts, photos and paintings, television and film, sculpture and crafts, diaries and maps, sheet music and recordings there are searched.

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