The Outlandish and Unusual Given Names

given names-questionThe current 21st century practice of many celebrities and common folks to give their infants some very strange and unusual given names is NOT a new event. Rather it has been going on since given names have been used.

In fact checking your own family lineage may reveal a few odd names also. Some names at one time would have been quite common and most people loved those name, but with changes in society, those same words / names can take on a whole different meaning. A good example is the female given name of ‘Gay’, quite common at one time. Today someone is referred to as a gay person.

Then there are just the strange names with no real reason why the baby was given that name. There is, especially in 19th century England, a fine selection of such bizarre names. There is ‘Friendless’, ‘Railway’, ‘Mineral’, ‘Zebra’, ‘Time Of’, ‘Not Wanted James’, ‘Laughing Waters’ or ‘One Too Many’.

A few of the other given names for babies and then adults around the globe today include: Luck, Pinky, Tiger, Bounty, Orchid, Puppy, Tea, Victory, Ream and Prosper.

given names-recordsSo this naming babies with unusual first or middle names is not that new but rather a long-standing tradition. Luckily, that baby can legally change their name when the are an adult. My mother changed her given name from ‘Nannie’ to Nan. Any changes or unusual names in your family? Add comments with those you have found, or ancestors who changed their name.

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