The Past on Paper

A site online titled ‘The Past on Paper‘ is just like it sounds. It is a database of images of family Bible record pages, journals, letters, Wills, photos, deeds, documents, postcards, directories, newspapers, etc. This site primarily has items from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia regions, however there are a few from the United States.

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At the top right is a search box where you can put in a keyword, a location, a surname, etc. to see what is in the database already. For a person it is best to start with just the family name, unless it is a very common Smith or Jones.

Of course not every photo will have a name but rather a time frame and / or location. So if you know of family in Manchester, England, that is where to start.

Besides viewing what is on the database, some items you can purchase and you can also place any similar items on the site to show or see if someone wants to purchase it. Go to ‘List my Item’ where details are provided. It is for just posting the image also, free of charge, not all for sale. There might some paper item or photo that is not part of your family lineage that you would like return to the rightful family.past-village

Photos: Rev. D. Thompson of Ireland, of the 1860s; and Vintage Postcard of the Castle and Yarn Market, Dunster, Somerset Co in England.



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