The Peacock Chair

You have all seen a peacock chair – that large rounded-back wicker chair. Especially look at old family photos, you may well see one that an ancestor is sitting in.

Wicker furniture became popular in homes in the late 1800s. They were used also on porches and verandas so people sit and enjoy any breeze on hot days. People found it great inside a house also, having light airy furniture to sit in.

Using a wicker chair was also popular with studio photographers. This prop to sit in was lightweight and very interesting designs. Many chairs were very ornate with curls and fancy designs.

One special style, named the ‘peacock chair, started in the Philippines at Bilibid Prison in the early 20th century. Yes, the prisoners made wicker furniture and especially the peacock chair. With the high curved back to the peacock chair, it made anyone look regal.

This chair style remained popular again, especially with photographers. But it hit its height in the 1960s when the chair was used in many movies and TV shows. An excellent example is a chair that the character, Morticia Addams of the Addams Family sat in. It was made of rattan and very lightweight and like all the peacock chairs can be inside or outdoors.

The style demands attention just like a male peacock showing off his feathers. Many singers and actors like to be photographed in such a chair – it show power.

So check the family photos, an ancestors may have looked the idea of power also.

Photo: Peacock chair used by Morticia of the Addams Family show.

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