The Shelborne Hotel has a Genealogy Butler

The Shelbourne hotel is located in Dublin, Ireland. It is a five-star luxury hotel, with everything you would expect it to have. In addition, it has a genealogy butler. Her name is Helen Kelly.

Helen Kelly is one of Ireland’s leading accredited genealogists, and a member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland (formerly the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland).

Helen Kelly has assisted guests of the Shelbourne Hotel to unravel the threads of their Irish family history through her professional consultancy service at the hotel. She has been with the Shelbourne hotel since 2010.

The first thing to do if you want to speak with the genealogy butler is to book a room at the Shelbourne hotel and confirm your reservation. You will then be sent an online assessment to complete before you arrive in Dublin. Doing so will enable Helen Kelly to begin doing research on your behalf.

An advisory session takes an hour. The genealogy butler will assess the information about your family’s Irish emigrants and draw up a practical research plan for tracing your Irish ancestors in Dublin.

She will also encourage you to “enter into the spirit” of your ancestor by visiting your Irish homeland to imbibe the culture of the landscape and its people. Doing so will greatly enhance your visit to Ireland.

Some genealogists engage in what has been called “travel genealogy”. The purpose is to physically go out and visit places where their ancestors lived, worked, and raised their families. The popular genealogy TV shows do something similar. They take a famous person to the locations that were significant to their ancestors.

The Shelbourne hotel is in the heart of Dublin, and provides a head start to those who want to visit the city’s major genealogy repositories. It is recommended that you take this experience and view it with a sense of adventure.

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