The Soldiers of New Jersey 1861 to 1865

New JerseyLearning of any ancestors who served during the American Civil War is essential. For those researchers with family ties to New Jersey there is an online database which makes the search much easier.  The Records of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War, 1861 to 1865 is part of the N. J. State Library Information Center. The digital database comes from the Adjutant-General’s Office, William S. Stryker and was printed in two volumes in 1876.

A searchable database with regiments in numerical order along with a write-up of the regiments’ military service and places of battles is included.  There is a listing of members for each regiment with their enlistment dates, their rank and any special situations such as those that deserted, promotions made or those wounded.

Of special interest are the regiments of the United States Colored Troops out of New Jersey. For example with the 22nd Regiment, Infantry, Company B of the U. S. Colored Troops was a listing for Benjamin Folk, who enlisted in December 14, 1863 as a private, was wounded in battle and died at the 18th Corps Hospital in Virginia on October 6, 1864.  He was buried at the National Cemetery in City Point, Virginia in Section 8, grave 15. This can provide such insight to investigate further on such an ancestor.

To conduct a search, first click on the listing titled ‘Record of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War, 1861-1865‘.  Further down on the page you can place the full name or even just the surname (if unusual one) in the search box. A roster of soldiers who served in that regiment with the person you are searching for will also appear.  Just scroll down until you locate the name you are looking for.

Placing the surname Cappel revealed a Private Frederick Cappel who enlisted on May 23, 1861, part of the New Jersey Volunteers with the First Regiment of Company E.  Private Cappel was wounded at the Battle of Cedar Creek in Virginia.  He recovered and re-enlisted in December 1863, serving with the First Battalion, Company A.  He was discharged on October 17, 1865 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cappel was one veteran who experienced the full length of the Civil War before returning home to New Jersey.

Check names of any ancestors who may have lived in neighboring Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and New York. Some soldiers joined units in nearby states, other than their home state.

< Return To Blog I searched for my wifes Great Grandfather and it came up that he was born July 4 1844. I believe it has to be him because his tombstone says 1843. All records in the family says july 4, 1843. I believe someone made a mistake in his military records and said 1844 by mistake. I would like to find as much military info about him as possible, but his name doesn't even come up when I search. They even gave me a Confederate soldier with the same name. I know it wasn't him because of the age of the soldier. I cannot understand why there are no records of him Bob Lamkin
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