The Third Eye Kiss

You have all had that experience, a nice kiss on your forehead by a family member, either as a greeting, act of kindness or goodbye. But did you know about its history?

It is referred to as ‘the third eye kiss’ placed just above a person’s eyebrows in the center of the forehead. It can be much more intimate because you are reaching out to the very core of that person. We do not usually make contact with each other’s foreheads, not like holding hands or giving hugs.

It actually was a very common practice for our ancestors, the kiss on the forehead. It provided a sense of being safe and secure, allowing a person to rest easier. It can also represent appreciation, consolation, and that you are special. Though the decades and various cultures it has also been a very acceptable form of public display of affection.

Traditionally, the forehead kiss was thought of as a blessing … another form of wishing goodness, wellness, and happiness to the one you truly care for; whether it is a spouse, friend, relative or child. This practice is found all around the world, throughout the decades. 

Check some of those family photos, any with a ‘third eye kiss” ?

If not, start a photo collection of your own, take photos of relatives giving a forehead kiss. Do it and receive that forehead kiss more often yourself. 

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