The Weather on a Specific Day

Wouldn’t it be great to add some basic information about the weather in a certain location related to your ancestors a specific event – such as their birth?

Using the chart of weather across the United States done by the Midwestern Region Climate Center, you can get an idea of weather condition the day an ancestor was born. Now it only goes back to 1900, so a relative born in 1890, you would have to research newspapers in the area for that date.

Using the online site, place the person’s birth full name (given names and surname), the birth month, date and year and the state. When that is submitted a drop-down list of towns for the state with weather reports is appear. Select the town’s name or a county name if listed or a location very close to the birthplace of the relative.

A nice write is done up with the person’s name, date, location and weather conditions will appear. It will give the amount of rainfall for that day, if there was snow, the amount, and the temperature(high-average and low).

This addition is just aspect of including generally unknown details about an ancestor’s life. It is easy to do with the Midwestern Region Climate Center and you can make a screen print of each chart you make. 

Photos: Snow Day in NYC in 1917; Nan Everhart in 1915 in Maryland and Barbara Johnson in 1905 in New York.

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