The Youth of 1907

Young people in their mid to late teens have always enjoyed hanging out with their friends. Teenagers of the 21st century may believe that they invented the concept of peers enjoying each other’s company but instead, it dates back to a time in memorial. Illustrated in the photo of 1907 in Manchester, Maryland was a large group of boys and girls, posing for a casual get-together, possibility a 4th of July celebration. You see the display of US flags but the sticks held by some of the boys, makes you guess, those might be used to fish with later. The teenagers too were dressed in what would be very approximate to their friends, yet had to be deeded acceptable by their parents. Notice there were adults of various ages also present, the teens always chaperoned.

From such groups of friends can spring a budding romance and eventually marriage. This was exemplified by the marriage four years later of David Everhart, the fellow third on the left sitting on the ground with a stick in his hand. Now you might think the young lady wearing a hat right behind David with both her hands on his shoulders might be his girlfriend (he had no sisters). That might have been her wishes but in reality, it was Eva Bixler, (no hat but a big dark bow at the back of her head) the girl third over from the girl with her hands on David’s shoulders who would marry David in 1911. Alas, the carefree days of youth are typified in all their faces forever.

Some people enjoy the solemn and peaceful time when they go fishing along a river or lake. But fishing doesn’t have to be a lonesome activity. At the turn of the century, enjoying the outdoors in the summertime might involve the whole family, the neighborhood or nearly the entire community. This was especially true on holidays, like this one marking this 4th of July. Young and old alike were out of their houses and away from chores for the whole day to enjoy nature, family, friends and good picnic food.

No matter what type of vintage family photo you might have there can be a short interesting story that goes with it. True, you might not know the names of all the individuals but look for some interesting moment captured in that photo.

Photo: A community gathering in the summer of 1907.

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