Then and Now Civil War Photos of Locations

photo-execution thenDavid Levene spent time in 2015 going to many of the scenes of battles, places of death and buildings where events occurred during the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. Those are actual locations but it was very interesting how Levene took the classic photos he gathered of over 150 years ago and photographed the places now. Comparing the then and now is quite interesting.

Many of our ancestors were either directly affected or suffered in some form during those five years of warfare in America. By examining the vintage photos with what is there now is an eye-opener.

Photos-Sudley springs-nowThe famous Matthew Brady, known for his huge collection of Civil War photos taken by him when the events occurred. He had used a mobile studio and darkroom which enabled vivid battlefield photographs that brought home the reality of war to the public. He even had some 23 other photographers doing the same thing to get as many scenes as possible. Back then he had spent $100,000 of his own money to produce some 10,000 glass negatives of the war. However, that collection was not purchased by the Federal government. All he got later was some $25,000 for the negatives from the Library of Congress in 1875.

photo-cumberland landing-nowThe collection done by Levene allows you view the vintage photo of ‘then’ and you can slide the ball to the right for a view ‘now’. You can take that back and forth numerous times to see the changes. Take if half way across to view the dramatic changes. There is a description for each location and event.

Levene has included interviews with individuals familiar with these historic sights.

Well worth viewing these images. Many of these locations you can visit also.

Photos: Now Images – Across from the Capital in Washington DC -the execution gallows used July and Nov. 1865; Sudley Springs in Virginia in March 1862; and Cumberland Landing in Virginia in May 1862. Go to the online site to see the ‘Then’ images.

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