Things to Expect From FamilySearch in 2016

Things to Expect from FamilySearch in 2016  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comIt’s always nice when a popular genealogy website gives users hints about what to expect from it in the upcoming year. Genealogists tend to prefer advance notice (rather than having something unexpectedly discontinued or dropped on them). Here are some things to expect from FamilySearch in 2016.

FamilySearch is one of the most popular genealogy websites. It is a service provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Anyone can use FamilySearch for free, no matter what their religion happens to be (or if they do not follow a religion).

In January of 2016, FamilySearch put together a blog titled: “12 Things You Will See from FamilySearch in 2016”. It is an advanced peek at what new and exciting things are coming to FamilySearch. In addition, it is possible to look back at their list towards the end of 2016 and see how much of the things on the list were accomplished.

The blog post starts out by noting that FamilySearch is heading towards another innovative year as it streamlines online accessibility and provides increased family discovery experiences. The new things coming to FamilySearch in 2016 will focus on 5 areas: Family Tree, Memories, Discovery, Records, and Help.

One of the things to expect from FamilySearch in 2016 is new developments that will encourage younger patrons to participate in family history. There will be an emphasis on attracting youth to the website – and to genealogy. FamilySearch has a specific desire to give young people a connection to their family. They also want to provide young people with spiritual and emotional help that strengthens their relationships with their parents and grandparents.

RootsTech, as you may be aware, is a global event that is hosted by FamilySearch. (It takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah). In 2016, FamilySearch wants to expand RootsTech’s streaming audience. It also wants to provide recorded, useable, content from RootsTech that can reach more people worldwide. FamilySearch wants to offer RootsTech streamed and recorded content in multiple languages.

You can expect to see more mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms that will become available through FamilySearch in 2016. A good place to look for those apps would be on the FamilySearch App Gallery website. Everything you see on that website has been approved by FamilySearch. New and Noteworthy apps are at the top and easy to spot.

The list also states that more digital camera teams will be added to preserve historic records and to make them accessible online. FamilySearch currently has 319 digital camera teams producing 125 million images per year. Additional cameras added in 2016 will focus on more international records.

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