Things Your Great Grandparents Had You Don't

Today we think of our ancestors as not having the modern advantages such as hot water, electricity, central heating and instant messaging with a computer. Rather they did have their own advantages not seen today.

One common advantage was that many generations lived in the same house or next to each other. This provided additional help, emotional support and even money saved by living in one house.

Families also kept chickens or rabbits – both a source of food. The chicken also provided eggs to eat.

Our ancestors were also very skilled and could make just about anything they needed. Also, nothing was wasted, there was always another purpose for any item. Family members knew how to repair their household items.

If no one in the family had a skill to make or mend a certain item, then they always had their neighbors, each helping the other where they could.

Having any luxury items was a special treat and always appreciated. If your ancestor had an item that was no longer needed, they shared and gave it to another family member or neighbor who might need it.

This is how many of our grandparents and great-grandparents lived their lives, no matter where they lived. Make sure to include these ideas in your family stories.

Photo: The mother in the 1870s sewing clothes by hand as the two young daughters learn the skill.

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