Think Outside the Box. Genealogy Research Tips.

Tips-boxThat is what you need to do to find any and all available resources that might have information on your ancestors.

The following are a few such ideas:

(Family ranch brand, drivers license, and the Federal Writer’s Project)

If your family had a ranch, do check the state recorder of marks and brands. It was later titled the Livestock Board. Here will be the records of brands, some dating back to the early 1800s. Each rancher did have to register their brand for the livestock, so none were the same and also to make it official for that owner. Besides a drawing of the brand would be information about the owner, the ranch, its location, the type of livestock, etc. To do a search on the Internet, place the state name and ‘Livestock Board’.  Tips-brands

Nearly everyone has a driver’s license for an auto in the 20th century. So see what is available at the state level for your ancestor. Besides full name, date of birth, you will see where they lived at a specific time, a physical description and maybe a photo. Tips-licenseOf course this can only be provided on deceased relatives. Do an Internet search for old drivers’ licenses by state name and the name of your relative.

During the American Great Depression of the 1930s, one method to provide work and a great lasting service was the Federal Writer’s Project for writers to document the life of many American individuals. Tips-American series Some 300 writers were paid to travel to 24 states and interview then write about nearly 3,000 people. These stories are now housed in the Library of Congress. Use the search box at the top to place surnames and see if any were featured in this collection of true life events. You just might find a gold mine of family information.

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< Return To Blog Great information: It helps as I recently learned my great grandfather had a brand. Now I can go further to learn more.
Kris 7/09/14

Great. So much exciting family history to discover. Your ancestors are waiting.
alice 7/09/14

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