Those Who Served During World War II

World War II D.C.During World War II, everyone in the United States was affected between 1941 and 1945. The most notable were the men and women who served in one of the United States military branches. The online fee-based site of, has its Young American Patriots Collection which is based on those service personnel from certain states.

Those states included in the database so far are Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio and Delaware. The database has the scanned pages of the military service people compiled for each state.

The service man or woman’s name who is from one of the nine states is listed with a short description and photo of the individual. The personal information included would have their full birth date, the high school they attended, their parents’ names and their religion. For those married during their time of service, the wife’s name and residence is provided. Related to their military service would be the branch of the military they served along with the location and date they entered the service. Of special interest would be a listing of those locations outside the United States where they were stationed. Some even have listed any military awards received by the service person.

Not all the states are presently on the site, just nine. Even within each listed state’s database, not all those who serviced have information. There is a good search engine for looking to see if any ancestor who might have served during World War II is covered in the database.

In Washington, D. C. is the National World War II Memorial. It is an impressive structural remembrance to the countless service personnel who served during World War II. Researchers can go online at the National War II Memorial site to search for service veterans. The collection is based on those names submitted by family members or the individual veterans themselves. Also from the names of those buried in the overseas military cemeteries, from the National Archives rosters, those killed during the war and those missing in action.

In this site is the veteran’s full name, the military branch they served is listed, their hometown, which organization or person submitted their name and occasionally a photo is attached. Also honored are the numerous civilians who served on the home front. Family members can submit their names, contributions to the war effort and a photo. Their names can be searched on the search engine just like the military personnel.

Not all those who served as a civilian or in the military are listed. This is the place to see if an ancestor is listed and if not, you can add their name and information as a permanent remembrance. The large database is worth investigating.

< Return To Blog looking for military records for my father's service during World War II His name was Walter Ohrt. He served in the navy or merchant marines. He was in his 30'swhen he inlisted.
Helga Brady 11/02/11

The closest person with the little information provided would be: Walter Ohrt (no middle name) served in US Navy - service number 9450199. Was on the USN TADCEN base in Calif. June 1945, then received on the USS Santa Fe (a ship over 600 feet long) and listed there July 1945, Oct. 1945 and Jan. 1946. The USS Santa Fe's nickname was 'Lucky Lady'. After leaving California in Aug. 1945, the ship was in the Pacific gong to Wake Island but with the end of the war, was sent to Japan to help in the occupation of the country. By Jan. 1946 it was bring troops back to the states. The USN TADCEN stands for the Naval Training & Distribution Center at Camp Shoemaker, Pleasanton CA.
alice 11/02/11

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