Tim Kaine has Irish Heritage

Tim Kaine has Irish Heritage  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comTim Kaine has been selected as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. There is potential that he could become Vice President of the United States. Tim Kaine has Irish heritage and spoke at the American Ireland Fund dinner in July of 2016.

Irish Central states that Tim Kaine has been described as “81.25 percent Irish and the rest Scottish”. He regularly attends Irish events, and spoke at the American Ireland Fund dinner in Washington (where he was honored).

Tim Kaine has been a member of the Irish National Caucus since December of 2012. The Irish National Caucus (INC) is a human rights organization dedicated to getting the United States to stand up for justice and peace in Ireland. Tim Kaine is also part of the Congressional Friends of the Irish National Caucus.

Tim Kaine is the son of Mary Kathleen (Burns) and Albert Alexander Kaine, Jr. Tim’s father was of both Irish and Scottish descent. Tim’s mother is of Irish Ancestry. He can trace his roots to Longford and Kilkenny.

Tim’s paternal grandfather was Albert Alexander Kaine, who was born in Kansas to Scottish parents. Albert was the son of Alexander “Alex” Kaine and Isabella Potts (the great grandparents of Tim Kaine). “Alex” was born in Campsie, Stirlingshire, Scotland. The parents of “Alex” (and the great-great grandparents of Tim Kaine) were Peter Kaine and Jane/Jean King. Peter was born in Ireland.

Tim’s paternal grandmother was Anabella/Annella Farrell. She was the daughter of Patrick J. Farrell and Mary Catherine Fleming (who were Tim Kaine’s great grandparents). Patrick was from Killashee, Co. Longford. Mary was from County Kilkenny. Patrick was Irish and was a very respected farmer and parish leader. Mary was born in Canada, but her father was Irish.

Tim’s maternal grandfather was Leo M. Burns. He was the son of Michael F. Burns and Bridget “Bridgie” Burns (who were Tim Kaine’s great grandparents). Michael was born in Illinois to Irish parents. Bridget was born in Missouri to Irish parents.

Tim Kaine said, at the American Ireland Fund dinner, that his family had been in the United States for 150 years. All four of his grandparents were born in the United States to Irish immigrants. Three of them were in families where the both the mother and the father were from Ireland.

The other was in a family where the mother was from Ireland and the father was Scottish. In that situation, the father had moved to Northern Ireland before emigrating to the United States.

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