Time Capsule

Many groups, schools, families, cities, and organizations have created a ‘time capsule’ to be put away or placed in a building’s cornerstone, not to be opened for 50, 75 or 100 years. What treasure to see first-hand what one generation thought was important for the future generations to see and examine. To find such a capsule years from now is not only exciting but a real mystery. That is the purpose of a time capsule.

During this very unique period of our history with this global pandemic affecting everyone, this is a golden opportunity to create a time capsule. It could be just for your family members, done by family relatives. It could be for your neighborhood or your child’s school. There are so many aspects of this time. Fears of people, being ‘stay-at-home’, virtual schooling, masks, out of work, not traveling or seeing family,

Some key ideas and thoughts when creating a capsule: do not place technology such as a flash drive, DVD or I-Pad that people decades from now would have a way to operate. Also do not bury in the ground the time capsule, it could be dug up by big equipment and lost.

If you select to do a capsule of your experiences during the 2020 pandemic, you might want to select a future date to people to open the capsule. Have written instructions left with several different people. Make sure each item, especially if it is a photo or paper, is in a water-proof container. Physical memorabilia is a good selection, but select small items.

A strong plastic or glass jar is good especially if it has a screw lid. That lid can be sealed with a thin layer of candle wax. Place a label of what it is and a date that can be read.

As you place items in, always the heaviest items are on the bottom. If you find you have more items than can be safely held, create a second-time capsule.

Find a good secure location to keep the time capsule, say an attic or dry area of a basement. It can be hidden in the back of a closet.

Don’t try to create the capsule in a couple of hours, you should put some time and thought into it. If working on it by yourself, fine or with other people, good also. Do get their input on what should be included. Take your time. Remember this will remain ‘untouched’ for years.

Photos: Time Capsule; Time Capsule worksheet virus-19; St Francis Hospital in Indianapolis-1913-opened in 2019 and time capsule.

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