Tipton County Historical Society to Publish Genealogy Book

Tipton County Historical Society will publish the most comprehensive genealogical record ever compiled in the county’s history as part of a project launched three years ago during the state’s bicentennial. The book will include 500 family trees from local residents and historical documents from county pioneers.

The Tipton county Historical Society is located in Tipton, Indiana. Their mission is to preserve, promote, educate, and to instill interest in the history of Tipton County and the heritage of its people. Presently, they have stored and recorded more than 37,000 records. The process was done by local volunteers. Tipton County provided a yearly stipend of $3,500 to cover the cost of archival folders and archival storage containers.

The book is part of a legacy project in 2016 that was to celebrate Indiana’s founding 200 years ago. The Tipton County Historical Society invited anyone from Tipton County to come and compile their family tree with free help from staff members. The Society is currently accepting family trees (for a limited time) for the Six-Generation Family Tree Project. The book will be going to the publisher soon.

According to the Kokomo Tribune, around 200 people put together their family trees in the first few months of the project. Then, the Tipton County Historical Society found a box that contained around 250 envelopes from the 1920’s and 1930’s. The envelopes contained hand-written biographies from people who lived during the founding of the county and were still alive at that time.

Since then, around 300 more Tipton residents participated in the project and put together their family trees. Those trees will be included in the genealogy book. The extra information found in the box will be on a separate flash drive. Those who want to preorder a copy of the book can do so at M.T. Publishing.

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