Toasters Made of Oxynide China

OH, how appliances have changed from the days of our ancestors (even grandparents) today. One type forgotten about but which was popular beginning in the 1920s were toasters made of oxynide China, so they could withstand the heat. Using this type of china, the toaster which was electric could be in many colors and patterns.

One company in Ohio, the Pan Electric produced a lovely blue willow pattern for the toaster. They all looked good but were not the safest item. The slice of bread was just perched on each side (2 total) allowing the slice to lean over or even next to the electric heating element. If a person was not very careful they could burn their hand also.

The big company producing these oxynide china toasters in many colors was Toastrite. They had 11 various colors to select from. One could also purchase a matching breakfast set of the same color and luster so everything on the table matched. Even the electric heater cord was made of Rayo Silk, with colors that matched the toaster. These oxynide china toasters also cleaned up well.

Check with some relatives, someone just might still have one of these oxynide china toasters.

Photo: An orange-golden Toastrite oxynide china toaster.

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Sara N Martin 27/11/21

Yes, they were very neat-looking.
alice 27/11/21

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