TONI - The Ontario Name Index

Ontario-four generationsIf you have had ancestors from Ontario, Canada, this TONIĀ database name index will be very helpful. In the search box, with over 3.1 millions names indexed can prove to be quite a resource. Place a family name in the box. You may need to try different spellings.

The placement of the surname ‘Rue’ produced 12 results with five of those ‘La Rue’. Even with just a surname, there were listing with given names but more important where there was no given name. That could turn out to be a person you are seeking.

Ontario-couple-aThe type of available records vary – from a headstone image, to a family history, to a newspaper article, birth records, etc. A listing is below each search of the type of records.

The date in the column along with a location can help narrow down the person being searched. To the far right is the information buttons. Some show where a cemetery is location or how to get a print of a newspaper article. If there is a family history, click on library catalogue button for details. A few of the records can have copies made for a small fee.

The OGS (Ontario Genealogy Society) site also has some 160 unidentified vintage photos. Look those over, see if anything relates to your ancestors.Ontario-couple

Photos: Some unidentified photos from Ontario, Canada.

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