Top Two DNA Kits

With the wide variety of available DNA kits you might wonder which are considered the top two DNA kits out of the top five selling kits offered. There were two services which consistently led all assessments by other surveyors, while also offering strong privacy options and a large sample size. These top two had their services examined for not only autosomal testing (which can identify ancestors up to five generations back) but also mitochondrial DNA (which can trace maternal lines much farther into the past) and Y-chromosome DNA (which offers additional patrilineal insights to men) also deserve more consideration.

Number one was 23and Me which had elegant interface, second largest reference database, tests for autosomal, mitochondrial and Y-chromosome DNA. Health tests for predisposition illnesses were available. The varied costs are reasonable. The basic service is $99 to analyzes what your genetics say about your genealogy – autosomal, mitochondrial and Y-chromosome DNA. The full service of $199 ads the testing for personal traits and health risks. With 23andMe it also checks off all the important privacy and security boxes: It lets you easily control where anonymized snippets of your data can go.

You can also get the 23and Me DNA test kit at Amazon online for $79 and at Best Buy for $79.

The number two best DNA kit is Ancestry. It does have the largest user base, 15 million, so finding unknown relatives greatly increases. It can combine genetic data with world documentation. It has only the autosomal DNA testing. Now it will add an Ancestry Health Service for an additional $149. The Ancestry kit is $99. You can also get it at Amazon online for $59.

Photos: 23andMe Kit and Ancestry DNA kit.

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