Toys of the 1950s

It was said that children of the 1950s were spoiled, parents getting them anything they wanted, especially if it was featured on TV, in a comic book or in the stores.

Here is a sampling of the toys of the 1950s that you had, our your children, maybe even your grandparents. Make note, it was part of their childhood.

Mr. Potato Head‘ was very popular, the rage of the 1950s. It was on the market by 1952. Mr. Potato Head in 1952 became the first toy ever advertised on television. The supplies to dress and change the character of Mr. Potato were in the box, but you supplies the real potato!

The boys loved the ‘Matchbox Cars‘. They were minuscule automobiles, trucks, work equipment, which first started in 1953 in Great Britain then came to America.

Everyone had a can of ‘Play-Doh‘. But it first started out as wallpaper cleaner. By the mid-1950s when ti was used in Cincinnati, Ohio school it became popular as a toy with advertisements always on TV.

Who didn’t use a ‘Pogo Stick‘? It started in 1957 and was even used by adults.

A fun activity was using the ‘Hula Hoop‘, the simple spinning circle of plastic. It started in 1958, was lightweight and fun.

Every little girl wanted a ‘Barbie Doll‘, after it came on the market in March 1959. There was the blond or brunette version of Barbie wearing the classic black and white striped bathing suit. But the girls also either made dresses for them or had purchased clothing for the doll.

The ‘Etch-A-Sketch‘ began in the mid-1950s and was originally called ‘Magic Screen.’ By 1959 into 1960 it became a hit toy with the name changed to Etch-A-Sketch and mass-marketed. Drawing and painting were so much fun!!

Photo: Etch-A-Sketch from 1960.

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