Tradition of Pearls

You just might have a family heirloom of a pearl necklace, ring, earrings or pin. Pearls have been a favorite for hundreds of years and they are still popular. Years ago, since it could be hard to locate perfect ones, pearls could be very expensive. With newer methods of producing pearls ( pearl farms), they are more available to the middle class.

Over the years there have been different shapes and sizes along with different colors for pearls. Many pearls were not only jewelry but stitched into clothing to decorate for the wealthy.

You might have photos of female ancestors in the 1920s wearing long strands of pearls that were popular. Later years the length of a pearl necklace was shorter. In the 1950s and 1960s wearing a shorter 2 or 3 strand necklace of pearls was very popular.

By the 1970s and beyond, high-quality plastic facsimiles of pearls made them very accessible to everyone. Genuine pearls are also still in demand. Many brides worm a genuine strand of pearls on their wedding day. I did, mine purchased in Switzerland, did you wear a pearl necklace on your wedding day?

Check with other relatives and see if there are some older pearl jewelry. Have photos taken of them and if someone knows the family history on that piece of jewelry has it written out and shared with the family.

Photo: Image from 1920s of lady wearing long pearl necklace.

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