Traditional Sunday Activities

There were several activities the family traditional did every Sunday. Here are a few that would be good to learn more about from any relatives and include in the family history.

The first would be going to the family’s local church for Sunday services. This may have been followed by taking a Sunday drive to another part of town or out of town, especially if the drive was done in the early afternoon. If the family didn’t go for a drive, they might stay home to play board games together.

Sundays included having the family together for a fine Sunday meal usually served at noon or shortly thereafter. The family might even invite a couple of neighbors to the meal.

If a friend or neighbor didn’t come to Sunday dinner, they would come to the house to visit, so Sunday visitors were very common. This gave friends a good chance to visit and catch on the latest news.

Another favorite item associated with Sunday was reading the large Sunday newspaper. For youngsters, this included the big comic section – the ‘funnies.’

After the Sunday afternoon meal, families might also go to the local movie theatre together.

With televisions more available in the 1950s, there were special and favorite Sunday TV shows everyone watched. For the kids, this included ‘Walt Disney Presents’. There was also the ‘Ed Sullivan Show’, and ‘Bonanza’.

Photo: Typical family Sunday dinner

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