Tree of Weddings


WeddingSomeone in the family about to be married? Is there a big wedding anniversary coming up soon? Here is a gift idea that will be appreciated by anyone.

Create a ‘Tree of Weddings‘. It is the family tree idea using photos of couples on their wedding day. Now that can prove to be a challenge, gathering all the needed photos. Even if it is not of them on their wedding day, it can be from the honeymoon, first anniversary or sometime early on their marriage. You might even using special computer software or at a professional photo shop piece together two photos of each person to make one image.

Include their full names (especially the maiden name of the bride), plus the wedding date and the location. Use your imagination to create a great border, mount in a lovely frame and make sure the images are as clear as you can get. Contact other family members or family friends to provide photos.  wedding-photos

That will make a really precious wedding or anniversary gift – unique in many ways. A true heirloom to be handed down through the generations.  wedding--anniversary

Photos: Example of a collage of wedding / anniversary photos.

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