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Try the Top 100 Genealogy Sites Mega Search  Find more #genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comDo you have a favorite genealogy website that you frequently visit? Would you like to find more genealogy websites to check out? There is simple way to discover some that are brand new to you. All you have to do is make use of The Top 100 Genealogy Sites Mega-Search.

ManyRoads is a genealogy website that represents its contributors’ best attempt at gathering, presenting, and archiving the genealogy and family histories for both the Rabideau and Henss families. That is their primary focus.

The ManyRoads website is also the location of a fascinating search tool that genealogists will want to check out. It is called the Top 100 Genealogy Sites Mega-Search. Try it out, and you might find some great genealogy websites that are brand new to you. It’s also useful if you happen to be curious and want to find out if your favorite genealogy website made the list.

How does the Top 100 Genealogy Sites Mega-Search work? Geneabloggers (who happens to be number 89 on the list) has an easy to understand explanation. They point out that there are two searches that you can choose from.

One is the “Full 100 Mega-Search”. This one searches all the genealogy sites and includes both the sites that require a subscription and the fee-based sites. The other search is the “’Free’ 46 Mega-Search.” This one searches only the genealogy websites that are free to use.

The ManyRoads website notes that the “’Free’ 46 Mega-Search” engine should provide much better and more thorough results from within the “Free 46” subset. It also points out that these search engines access and search Genealogy In Time’s Top 100 Sites for 2015 using Google’s technologies.

To be clear, anyone who wants to use either of these search engines can do so for free. You don’t have to pay a fee in order to use them. That being said, the ManyRoads website points out that the databases are not free to produce or host. They ask that people please consider a donation to ManyRoads so that they can continue creating tools and providing resources.

Without giving away any “spoilers”, I will say that, and it’s various versions, appear on the “Full 100 Mega-Search” five times. MyHeritage, and it’s various versions for different countries, appears on the list ten times.

Another option, if you prefer, is to visit Genealogy In Time and use their Genealogy Search Engine. It enables you to search 3.6 billion records from 36 countries.

Image by Steve Bowbrick on Flickr.

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