TRY TO DO List for Family Researchers

We all have so many projects and activities to complete each month. When we set aside time to work on our family tree, we can make a lasting contribution to knowing our ancestral lineage and more about those relatives who helped get us where we are today.

It can help to set up a list of things (most beyond the time spent in researching) to try to complete during a month or season. The following are a few suggestions of things to TRY to Do. You can make variations on this list to fit your own family and interests.

Take a trip to the family hometown, allowing time to investigate the local museum, church, societies, courthouse, cemetery and certainly where the family had a home.

Spend some quality time and effort in solving your number one ‘brick wall’ – that ancestor that you need more information about needs to be a major quest.

Go to any local Family History Center Library bring with you what information you have already and ask those questions that have bothered you.

Spend some time attending a genealogical conference in your state or even take a special genealogical cruise. You can have a vacation and learn new techniques and ideas.

Contact any and all cousins, relatives and even other fellow researchers for a certain surname to gather any and all photos. Share you collection of photos also. Someone just might have a long lost photograph that you would treasure.

Learn a new electronic software or device that will help you in working on the family history. For example, if you have yet to set up a genealogical software in which to place and organize the information you have gathered to date … that does need to be done. Learn to use a digital camera so you can take photo of headstones in cemeteries or times from a local museum.  Learn to use a scanner.

Get a family DNA test not only for your own knowledge of your ancestral background, but assist others who are trying to link families. Check with the local Family History Center or search online for the various companies that do DNA genealogical testing.

Make your list, don’t make it long, just create a manageable listing.

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