Twin Sisters Reunite After Eleven Years Apart

Vietnam FlagEleven years ago, a couple from the UK, John and Anne Ley-Morgan, decided to adopt a child. They went through all the confusion, frustrations, and red tape that is involved when trying to adopt a child from outside of their own country. This year, their adopted daughter, Ellie, who was from Vietnam, was reunited with her twin sister, Huyen, who remained behind in Vietnam all those years.

When the Ley-Morgans decided to adopt a child, they quickly discovered that the process wasn’t going to be easy. The problems they encountered, combined with a surprise twist to the situation they thought they were getting into, nearly caused the adoption to not happen at all. So much happened that they were inspired to write a story about it, called “Ellie: Rainbow’s End”. Their hope was that other couples who were considering adoption would find the book to be inspiring and insightful.

The lengthy and trying process of adoption was started, and the couple was preparing to adopt a baby from Vietnam. They learned that Ellie, whom they were considering adopting, had a twin sister named Huyen. John and Anne didn’t want the twins to have to be separated from each other, so they requested to adopt both of the girls, instead of going with the original plan for them to adopt Ellie. Unfortunately, they were told that this wasn’t possible. This refusal nearly caused John and Anne to change their mind completely about adopting Ellie. They felt very strongly that it wasn’t right to separate the twin sisters from each other like that.

The twins were born to a mother who was the second wife to their father. They lived in a small farming community, and didn’t have very much money. The father already had three children from his first marriage, and was not able to afford to raise all five children. So, he wanted one child to be adopted, and that child turned out to be one of the infant twin girls, Ellie.

After learning the full details of the situation, the Ley-Morgans changed their mind, and went ahead with the adoption of Ellie. They believed that the only way Ellie would have the chance to stay in touch with her biological family would be if they became her parents, and made sure that it happened. They feared that other parents might not value that connection. The twin sisters remained in contact through Skype, an internet program that allow a person to speak directly to whoever is on the other end of the Skype call, similar to the way that a telephone works. When the girls were about 8 years old, Ellie’s biological family requested that Huyen come to England, for her secondary education. It took time for that to happen, but now the twin sisters, at age eleven, have been reunited. They can get to know each other, in person, for the very first time.

< Return To Blog @MrsBeach: I've heard that too, that fraternal twins are hrerditaey and identical twins aren't. I don't have anything to back that up though.My grandma (mom's mom) had triplets, and 9 single births besides that. A lot of her siblings had fraternal twins. Her siblings' grandkids have at least one set of twins, but I'm not super close to them, it could be more. But none of my mom's siblings had twins. So it's definitely possible that it skips a generation? If it's all true then I'm all set to have triplets... ha. I tease FI about it all the time :)
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