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Follow these on Twitter to build your Family Tree There are many different types of social media sources that can assist in your family history research — Facebook, Message Boards and also Twitter. Here are some fantastic genealogy-related Twitter accounts you can follow for additional help and motivation. 

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Ancestry Hour

Ancestry Hour promotes all things genealogy, family history and ancestry. Follow the @AncestryHour to interact with a weekly genealogy chat every Tuesday at 7:00 pm GMT.

Old Postcards

Nothing like locating a vintage postcard of a family hometown, business or even home. Check out @OldPostcards which runs two online vintage postcard stores with thousands of postcards for sale.

History Angels

This Twitter account @HistoryAngels are experienced professional researchers who work to bring your family history to life.

Madam Ancestry

The ‘Madam’ provides helpful genealogy and family history research tips, plus documents her own family research journey. She is at @MadamAncestry.

THE Heir Hunters

This is made up of international probate genealogists who trace missing and unknown next of kin and beneficiaries. Who knows what unknown inheritance awaits you? It is at @THEHeirHunters.

Follow these genealogy accounts on Twitter

Photo Detective

We all have one or photos unlabeled and can’t even figure what time frame the image was taken. Maureen Taylor loves deciphering old family photos and helps you find family history in your picture mysteries. Twitter site is @PhotoDetective.

A Life Time Legacy

Deborah Perham is a family and personal historian who can offer advice and assistance with your family photos, family stories and the time-honored family recipes.  Twitter at @ALifeTimeLegacy

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