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wedding-familiesIf you know of a couple getting married in the near future, there is a unique gift you can create for their special day.

It is a ‘Photo Tree’ with the bride’s and the groom’s family represented. Now you will need to contact several family members on both sides to get the necessary photos for this creation, along with the names of the bride’s and groom’s parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

Start with a great portrait (maybe an engagement photo) of the couple to be married. Then you will add to each side, a photo of each side’s parents. If a wedding photo of each couple (parents, grandparents etc.) can be located, even better. If not, then a nice portrait of each couple. Label under each the given name for each person. The further out you go in generations, the harder it will be to locate photos. wedding-families-b-w

The wedding tree template is in MS Word format and easy to use. Have your photos in digital and what you want. Then inset a photo and move it where you want. You click under the photo to then insert names – could be just given names or their full names. Once you have the photos it only takes about half an hour to insert and arrange the images. Save it and then print it out on good photo paper. You can also send the file to a print shop and have them print it out.

Place in a frame and you are all set, a wonderful personal gift to the bride and groom.

Wedding Tree Template – wedding-tree-template-to-use

Photo: My wedding family tree – in color or make it greyscale (black & white).

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