UK: Erskine, for Limbless Sailors and Soldiers

Any British, Irish or Scottish soldiers from World War I and beyond, that might have been injured and would have needed an amputation could have been treated at the Princess Louise Hospital for Limbless Sailors and Soldiers (now known as Erskine). Online now is the admission’s register, covering the period from 1916 -1936, which shows the patients admitted during that time. It is a fully searchable site.

Just place a surname in the search box unless it is a very common name then add some dates. Any results will be seen and you can click on the record to see the full details available. 

There will be a transcription above and then a digital image of the admissions record.

Besides a name, rank and which service they were part of, an age and their occupation can be listed. Their discharge date is also listed. The most interesting will be the listing of what limb needed to be amputated. 

The record can be downloaded to your computer. If you had UK soldiers in the family tree, this is worth reviewing.

Photos: Injured soldiers; 1931 soldiers admitted; and 1919 soldiers admitted.

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