Unbelievable Phrases Your Ancestors Have Used that Came from Shakespeare

The famous William Shakespeare of England was known for his great writings. But few people realize that many of phrases, terms and words commonly used over the recent decades came from Shakespeare. Here are a few examples.

Love is Blind – In The Merchant of Venice lovers Jessica and Lorenzo plan to elope, so Jessica disguises herself as a boy to not draw suspicion. She’s embarrassed about her new get-up, but Lorenzo doesn’t care because of his love for her. Jessica sure knows how to pick a keeper. His love is blind.

Give the Devil His Due – this is to recognize or compliment someone’s good qualities, even if they’re an otherwise undeserving person.

Neither Here Nor There – when something really doesn’t matter.

Come Full Circle – when two people each think they are right on a topic and eventually there is no clear winner, it is said to ‘come full circle.’

Eat Me Out of House and Home – where a man in a tavern appears to have an unquenchable appetite yet won’t pay his bill.

The Be-All and the End-All – refers today to the big business world and big businessmen.

The Green-Eyed Monster – The classic tale Shakespeare of jealousy gone wild between a war hero and his much younger wife So many people have experienced jealousy.

Photo: William Shakespeare

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