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Newspapers-vintageThe United States Listing of free or fee based available online newspapers are listed by states. Select one of the states your ancestors may have lived in at any time frame and see what is available.

You will see cities and / or county names, so know both. The dates of newspaper coverage for that location is to the right. Keep in mind many counties changed names over the decades or became part of another county.

Many of the free online newspapers are with the Library of Congress site. Others that are also free are with the Google News Archives.

After selecting a local paper of interest, keep in mind not every issue will be available. There is a search box in the top right corner to help find a specific place, event or person. You never know what story, illustration or photo might be in these vintage newspapers.  Newspaper-1899 Baltimore

To save a page, do a ‘screen print’ – Control key and Print Screen key. The image is now copied but you need to then paste it into a photo program to save it. Other locations make it easier to save a page by right clicking it to save to your computer or having it in a PDF form.

Scroll down from the main online US listing and see what other links to newspapers have been suggested by other people.  Newspapers-print

Photo: January 1, 1899-Baltimore Maryland Mounted police and its Fire Dept.-Engine Co #3 labeled with names.

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