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URListAs you do your research you may come across a specific web site that you find filled with information or photos, one that will take many return visits. So you save the link to that site on your ‘favorites’ or bookmarks. Good, it is there, but in three weeks when you want to return to it, do you remember the name of the site, can you find it quickly in a ‘sea’ of bookmarks? Maybe not.

Why not just organize all the online sites related to specific topics with URLIST. URL refers to an Internet link. This online system which you can place a shortcut on your desktop can place any of the Internet sites you want to save and label it with a specific topic or title. If you have several sites relating to counties, towns and states where your ancestors lived, there you go, that would be a certain topic. If you want a collection of just sites relating to family surnames, it can be done.

It will make a short link to the site and by you labeling with a title it is always handy and easier to find a specific site. You can create your own filing cabinet just of the sites you want, each labeled.

Once you register for free on the site, it will walk you through to add and title each topic you need. You then have a ‘play list’ of the sites and not just their names, but the homepage, you can scroll through, just like viewing photos.

The system even makes its available on any of your mobile devices and you can share a collection of links of others.

Photo: An example of a URLIST for Irish genealogy.

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