US Naval Ships Personnel

You might have an ancestor who served on a US Naval ship either in the 19th or 20th century. There is available a database of personnel, some 36,991 and growing. Included is the person’s full name, their rank, their years of service, the name and where they were stationed – such as the Atlantic coast, African coast or Pacific region.

There is a search box for each area—rank, given name, surname, service years, and ship name. If you find one that is a match, you can highlight that column for the digital copy of the book of each ship. Some of the listings also have the state and county the navel personnel individual was from.

Once you have a full name and the ship and time frame you will be able to locate additional information, so this historic listing of the ships and the service personnel is very valuable.

The database does go in alphabetical order, so if at first in a search you do not find an ancestor, scan over the listing with a similar surname spelling. There are many listing for crewmen (including officers) throughout the 1800s. Clicking a specific ship’s name will also provide some information on it. For example, the type of ship it was such as a schooner and where it was built. Its years of service will be listed. Where available there are drawing or photos of specific ships also. Even better, there are some photos of crewmen / officers of the ships also.

You never know what you might discover. Many people have helped donate to this database, so do list the donors as your source.

Photos: Archibald H. Scales – Commander of the USS Olympia in 1911; the 1821 Schooner Grampus and Henry H. Bell-captain of the Schooner Grampus.

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