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Lillian Koehler With ancestors who lived in one or more locations across the United States, you will need to search each of those states and the counties in those states to learn more about those relatives.

To assist in locating resources for each state is Cyndi’s List on all the states in the United States along with the District of Columbia (Washington). With a click of any state will be a wide assortment of categories within that state. New York state has everything from churches, occupations, directories, cemeteries, newspapers and BMD (births-marriages-deaths) plus countless others.

Even if you are no sure a relative ever lived, worked or attend school in a specific state, if that location is a bordering state, it is worthwhile to do some investigating. Not each resource listed will have an online database, there might an address of where certain information can be obtained. Remember before the Internet, you did write for copies of records, which is still a good pursuit.

1955 class Always check for a listing of photographs in that state. Narrow your search to a specific county or hometown. Other photo sites will have digital copies of individual portraits or candid shots of people. Search using the link at the end of the opening paragraph for the photo category. Some are labeled and some are not. However, you would be the fortunate one if a family member was located.

So review the numerous categories, see which area might be the most benefit for your family history.

Photos: Lillian Koehler and Miss Miller’s 3rd & 4th grade class, University Park Elementary, University Park, MD.

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