Use Archival Containers

You try to keep protected any family heirlooms given you for future generations, but it is done properly? Some items you may have overlooked are more recent artifacts, such as the flag from the casket used during a military funeral, that too needs protecting.

Just placing heirlooms in a cardboard box, filing cabinet or plastic bin, is not protecting them. What you do need is the proper archival container, especially one that is the right size for the artifact. You might have vintage photo albums or a hand made-table cloth, both important and very different sizes. One very popular item that needs to be preserved and is loved to be displayed are antique dolls.

The following is a list of the names and web addresses for several stores that supply archival containers (acid-free). This includes acid-free holders for documents and papers. They offer a free catalog for you to examine what they offer.

Once the artifacts are in the proper container, they must be kept in a safe place. Never anywhere where there may be moisture, humidity, heat, sunlight, or high temperatures. So in basements, attics, garages, or storage sheds. Instead, the place must be year-round, cool, dry and dark (no sunlight).

Photos: Archival boxes, Display for antique doll, and Divided tray containers.

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