Uses for Google. 6 Excellent Tips.


google-gOh, the uses for the search engine, Google – just amazing.

Here are 6 excellent tips, some relate to your family history research, others are just great to know to do.

Need a timer handy, then go to the Google search box, type in ‘timer’ then the number of minutes you need to set before the timer goes off, then the word ‘mins’ or ‘hrs’, click search and up comes your timer, counting off the seconds and minutes. You can also set a ‘stopwatch’ if needed. A little beeper goes off when the time is up. This can be so handy when you are working on a research project on your computer, yet need to up and doing something else in an hour or so – great reminder.

With Google, you don’t have to just type in what you want, use the little microphone to the right of the search box to say what you want. Start by saying,”OK Google” then what you want to search for.

In your research, you may come across a vintage term or phrase and do not know what it means. In the Google search, type define and then the word you need a definition for.

google-translateIf your need a word, phrase or sentences translated, Google can do that also. Place the word ‘translate’ before your text, followed by the name of the language into which you would like your text translated into. This could be Spanish into English, German into English, or English into Russian, many different combinations. Very helpful tool.

Got a photo of a building, place or person you can not identify. Well, a clue might be on Google search. Go the tab labeled ‘images’ and click on it. You will see a camera icon. Upload (directions there) from your computer a photo of a location or person you would like to find something similar on. No guarantee something will be found, but you just might!

google=pencilVintage books that have been made digital by Google are a wonderful resource when looking for information on family hometowns or family ancestors. Go to the tab on ‘books’ then put in the place or person or family you are looking for. It will then bring you to the section in the book and highlight the keyword or phrase you placed. Many of these books also have photos of illustration – such a treasure chest.

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