Uses of Linoleum

This is materiel that had its beginnings in 1860. At first, you would think linoleum was just a floor product. During the 1800s into the 20th century linoleum was used in high traffic areas in a building or home. Yet in the 1920s and 1930s there were various colors and patterns used in linoleum. By having different colors designs could be created to make a much larger floor or wall design. Yes, linoleum would also be made as wall murals. If you live in an older home or a relative does, check out what the flooring is like and even the walls.

It was popular to have bright colors and the best was then to included in an items with a purpose such as flooring or wall designs. These bold colors continued into the decades but by the 1970s and 1980s, linoleum design and colors turned to basic beige and brown. Today’s linoleum is PVC material consisting of a canvas backing thickly coated with a preparation of linseed oil and powdered cork.

Photo: Example of 1920s linoleum for a bedroom.

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