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Nothing better than communicating with other family researchers who are also looking into the same family surnames you are. True, just because there is a similar surname on a family tree doesn’t mean you share ancestors. However, using Message Board for Surnames, you just might come across someone who is actively seeking some of the same family lineages you are.

Note you can search for messages on specific surnames for any of the varied message boards on or just check the ones related to family history. You can also use the alphabetical listing of surnames on a message board to see if there are any possibilities. LOOK especially for those names with various spellings.

Once you place a surname to search a listing of messages will appear. The date it was posted and the name of the person are provided. Note the surname you listed could also be the name of the person submitting a message on another surname, or they may have placed a listing of surnames they are searching. Check all of them out.

Keep with the surname in the search. If you also use a given name, the search will find a message with that given separate and might be a link to anything you are looking for.

If a posting matching with an ancestor you are searching is found and the date of the posting is several years ago, go ahead and reply to the posting. Their email addresses may still be active and they could be a good source. Plus there may be other replies from researchers with more recent posting dates.

Besides seeing what others can post on a specific surname, do place your own message with a question or request from others out there. If you need help on a specific ancestor, place a message on providing as much of known details and you might be surprised what can be offered.

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