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ebay-chester co,PAAs has been suggested in the past (see related links below) there are many family heritage items to be found on eBay, the online auction and for sale site. Many have been located in estate sales or from other private collectors. You could find a diary written by an ancestors, a bill of sale for property, a letter or postcard addressed to an ancestor, even photos. The possibilities are unlimited.

Another source on eBay are genealogical resources – everything from books to computer software. Realizing that families have been doing their personal genealogy or a hometown’s history for decades, there are many items already published. They can be out of print now but just might turn up for auction or sale on eBay.

Books can be on: early families of a specific state/ colony or region or county; a family lineage with a cluster of surnames all in one book; atlas maps of an area; specific booklets on topics (such as passports issued by Georgia Governors to individuals to go through the Indian Nation 1785-1809); along with books on specific cemeteries, Wills, vital records, deeds, property listings, residents, and businesses in certain counties.

Many of these items are only in book form and others also have been made digital and can be purchased on a disc for your computer with eBay.  ebay-NJ vital records

To search place ‘genealogy’ plus county / region / state name. Doing this with ‘Frederick, Maryland’ produced 16 different items. Do the same thing but place a surname, and there might be a book already written available. If the search was done the next week, there could be additional items. The items are always changing with some 40,000 plus items at a time. You would need to review the write-up on each to see what can serve your purposes best.


There are also genealogical services available to assist you in your research. Search under ‘genealogy service’.

Check out eBay once a month, you never know what could be found.

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Photos: Chester Co., PA and its People, 1898 (cost $6.39); disc with New Jersey Marriage Records, Deeds, 1665-1800 and Wills 1670-1730 (cost $14.95); Handwritten Letter to Captain John Gregg dated 1865 (cost $25).


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