Using Facebook – Family Hometowns & Surnames

Facebook is a vast social media source – a method to connect to many people across the nation and the globe. By connecting you might locate information, records or photos related to your ancestors.

With Facebook there are many categories – hometowns, states, counties, cities along with a vast listing of surnames (just not all surnames). To have a listing and the link to find such listing is a treasure for sure.

Here is the PDF listing of some 380 pages of Facebook pages related to places and surnames.

A listing of states in America starts on page 10. Followed on page 178 with countries and then a nice variety of Facebook pages for adoptions, African-American, Bibles & Heirlooms, Cemeteries, Immigration, Lineage Societies (such as Sons-Daughters of Pilgrims), Military (with all the different American Wars), Photographs, ships, and then Surnames which start on page 319.

With each topic, there is in blue a link to reach that Facebook link. For example, if you were interested in Alabama Ancestors – here is the link with the title; or for Arkansas Tombstones; or for the Arnold Family Surname.

For many surnames, military or locations there are several Facebook pages for that topic.

Save this PDF and refer to it. Using Facebook connections, with people also interested in that same topic or surname could open up a world of new information for you and your family tree.

This PDF collection was put together by Katherine R. Willson.

Photos: Facebook and Family Tree

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